City Tavern

SHOW – November 23 @ City Tavern in Dallas

After almost a year hiatus, we are hitting the stage once again. Come out to City Tavern in Dallas on November 23rd at 9pm. It’s a four band night, and we go on first. Stay and have some drinks and food or turn in early–but either way, come out and hear our new sound!

Here’s the Facebook event page.

The Artist Collective presents:

12 – The Crazy Ivans

11 – The Bright

10 – GIRL

9 – Signals and Alibis

$6 online at Prekindle or at the door.


notebookEarlier this year I went to a data warehousing trade show in Orlando. Easily the best chatski I got on that trip was a red bound notebook (from ParAccel, by the way) with lined paper. Shortly after I returned from the trip, I wrote a new song on its pages, and many more spilled out after that.

I like a good solid notebook, a #2 pencil and a drink.