You can’t really see it in the picture, but carefully placed upon the crash is The Ring to Rule Them All, along with eight equally carefully placed wine corks. This is what happens when children are allowed access to drum kits–or anything, for that matter.hi_hat

So the Ring. How many of us have endured excruciating pain simply to wear an “adjustable” ring we got out of a 25¢ machine, only to break it within a week or two by testing its boundaries? It is a timeless feat. The next time you come across such a money-sucking contraption, and if you have actual currency on your person (I wait for the day when they take debit cards), we challenge you to insert your quarter and see what you get.

On the other hand, notice the unadorned hi-hat, which is now complete, having been fitted with a new top piece. Yes. No more your-hi-hat-looks-like-it-had-a-bite-taken-out-of-it comments.